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Naxos Glinado House

Naxos Glinado House Apartments: Glinado House Apartments on Naxos, Greece

Type : Apartments , Traditional Houses
Class :
Location : Glinado
Rooms Number: 3

Glinado is a quite, picturesque village in Naxos. This is where the lovely accommodation Glinado House is conveniently situated. It is also located 10-15 minutes from the beaches of Agia Anna, Prokopios, and Plaka and the airport of Naxos. In the small village of Glinado a traditional taverna, a mini market and a bakery offering fresh baked goods are found, in close proximity from the guest house.

Glinado House in Naxos features fully furnished rooms that include a fireplace, a balcony or patio with amazing views to the sea and the mountains, living room, sofas, small television and fully equipped kitchen. The kitchen features an electric cooker and oven, a fridge, coffee maker, tea kettle and many necessary utensils, like cups, plates, pots and cutlery. In Glinado House in Naxos guests will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in a cozy, home-like environment.

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Type : Apartments , Traditional Houses
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